Features at Your Fingertips

BrandGen brings you simplicity backed by innovative technology that does the work for you.

Scales With Your Strategy

The only B2B advertising platform with deep HubSpot integration that scales from SMB to Enterprise. Start with affordable deterministic micro-targeting and scale to full-on enterprise broadcast advertising as you grow your business.

Flex Your Campaigns

You control all advertising targeting strategies. You’ll be able to place your content in the right context so that readers are focused on the problems that you can help them solve. You can choose from lookalike audiences, geo-targeting, retargeting, and more to fit your needs.

Budgets of all sizes

ABM and existing B2B programmatic advertising tools lock you into expensive managed services models or one-size fits all solutions short on flexibility, transparency and control of your advertising. Not with us.

Built for Everyone

No, really. It’s quick to get started, pick your target audiences, and get movingWe bring simplicity to ABM advertising, with or without an agency, so that you can launch campaigns faster. Once launched, you have unprecedented campaign visibility and controls inside of HubSpot.


Current ABM strategies leverage third-party data (cookies) to gather information used to target advertising campaigns, but BrandGen doesn’t rely on that data, keeping you safe for the future.

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