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Too busy to understand all the ongoing changes in digital targeting, or just need a push in the right direction?

Our series on digital advertising and B2B marketing tactics will help you with practical ways to put complicated strategies into everyday practice. Amidst a whirlwind of trendy buzzwords, we want to help you truly optimize and improve so that you’re running efficient campaigns and mesmerizing ideal accounts.

You deserve to know exactly how to pinpoint your target audiences and get in front of them. Are you ready to put it into action? Watch our full webinar series on-demand to learn how you can implement digital targeting in practical ways to grow your business. We hope you enjoy!

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Learn How to Target B2B Decision Makers Where, When, and How You Want

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Where Should You Invest Your Next Advertising Dollar?

Attribution models can be confusing: first touch, last touch, linear, U-shaped, time-decay, and more - but do you have a full understanding of where to attribute sales? It's time to identify actual channel outcomes and optimize your media mix to maximize ROI. Join us to discover a powerful model that can guide your investments to drive real business results.

The Importance of an Omni-Channel Strategy in Today's B2B World

There is a lot of noise in the digital space, so how do you get attention on your message? Join expert marketers in exploring an omni-channel approach to targeting audiences from every angle in order to gain attention and win more conversions while gathering pertinent data along the way.




How to Transition to Account-Based Strategy: A Webinar for Agency Leadership

If you want to build as a marketing agency, your ability to offer ABM services will be an imperative component of your growth, especially if you retain B2B clients. In this session, we will dig into how you can nurture an account-based mindset within your team while uncovering differences between ABM strategy vs. ABM advertising and more. We'll also show you practical use cases that will help you establish your value as a strategic partner to win more business and drive higher revenues with your clients.

The Key to Successful ABM Programs: Marketing & Sales Alignment

Account-based marketing involves a variety of moving parts, so marketing and sales alignment is a key component for success. Discover the steps behind account warming and aligning targets to sales prospects to deliver a winning ABM program for your organization or agency.

ABM Targeting – Selecting Data for Account-Based Marketing Success

Data is the thread that holds all ABM programs together, but where should you begin to carry it through successfully? Join ABM thought leaders as they walk you through the process of selecting specific data points to target best-fit accounts for a strong ABM strategy.

Applying Contextual Marketing Best Practices to Your Digital Advertising Strategy

Contextual marketing delivers relevant content that relates directly to what the target audience is viewing on the web while creating a seamless experience for viewers. Join us to discover how contextual marketing can simplify the targeting process and provide a highly personalized experience for prospects with these actionable best practices.



Channel-Based Marketing Strategies: Hitting Your Audience Where It Matters

For companies who sell through a distribution channel, it’s important to ensure your marketing strategy hits each member of your audience in an impactful way. From producers to wholesalers, and from retailers to the end buyer, you can influence each party’s decisions by attributing actions along the wayIf you’re responsible for marketing to a channel, watch as we review the best tactics and strategies for doing so.