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Help your clients accelerate demand with the only simple to use, self-service, cost-effective, and HubSpot integrated digital advertising solution built for B2B HubSpot Agencies like yours.


Advertising Strategies That Work

Support your client's brand growth and demand generation today

It's becoming increasingly challenging to get the attention of prospects. There's so much noise in the B2B space that your clients need something different — something more.

Now is the time to target decision makers wherever they are across the web throughout the entire buyer's journey. Account targeting is of upmost importance for your business-to-business clients, and they're relying on you to help them make the most out of what's available in the digital space.

To gain and retain clients,
you should be able to offer:

No matter how much experience you have with similar tools in the past, you should have a way to help you simplify your processes and align goals to offer better digital solutions for your clients.

It's time to get ahead of the digital advertising game.

  • ABM (Account-Based Marketing)
  • Content & Publications Targeting
  • Technographic & Intent Targeting
  • Location Targeting
  • 3rd Party Data Targeting
  • Custom Audiences
  • Retargeting

Help Your Clients Improve Their Bottom Line

By placing your client's brand and content directly and persistently in front of other people, who matter most, you'll build brand equity even for those clients with longer sales cycles.
Now, your clients can increase alignment between marketing and sales AND:

Achieve shorter deal cycles


Lower sales overhead costs


Expand average deal size


Increase close rates


Improve total revenue


The Challenge with Existing Programmatic Advertising Tools

The martech tool stack is ever expanding, and it's tough to determine which ones are ideal for you and your clients.

Truth is: you need a tool to help you implement these ad strategies, and nobody has time to pay for inefficiencies where some tools have inadequacies. The answer is an all-in-one solution that’s simple, keeps your relationship directly with the clients, and makes it cost effective for clients of various sizes.

Existing B2B programmatic advertising tools lock you into expensive managed service models or one-size-fits-all solutions that lack flexibility, transparency, and control of your client’s advertising.


What is BrandGen.io?

BrandGen.io gives you the complete control and transparency that you need to create B2C-esque advertising experiences in an affordable yet global scalable, self-serve model. We bring all the targeting signals that B2B marketers crave including ABM, contextual, hyper-geo, intent, technographics, firmographic, role, title, interest, and more.

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We pride ourselves on being:


We pride ourselves on being:


HubSpot Integrated

Our deep HubSpot integration and automation features such as “one-click account targeting” shorten tasks, accelerate planning and execution, and streamline B2B advertising workflows.

Simplify digital advertising with:

  • “One click account targeting”

  • Streamlining B2B advertising workflows

  • Accelerating planning & execution

We pride ourselves on being:


Future Proof

No more worries about what happens when third-party data is dead. Current ABM strategies leverage third-party data (cookies) to gather information used to target advertising campaigns, but BrandGen doesn’t solely rely on that data, keeping you safe for the future.

You’ll have the ability to:

  • Build strategic relationships with Publishers
  • Build a foundational data set and own your audience
  • Recognize purchase signals for better marketing and sales alignment

We pride ourselves on being:


Easy to Use

Go from zero to campaign launch in record time. No, really. It’s quick to get started, pick your target audiences, and get moving. We bring simplicity to ABM advertising so that you can launch clients’ campaigns faster.

You’ll have access to:

  • Platform integration so that lists seamlessly integrate
  • Easily manage your library of exceptional ad creative.
  • Helpful directions provided every step of the way

We pride ourselves on being:


Cost Efficient

Build a plan that actually fits your budget and brings results, no matter the size of the client and their prospect lists.

ABM and existing B2B programmatic advertising tools lock you into expensive managed services models or a one-size fits all solutions short on flexibility, transparency and control of your advertising.
Not with us.

Manage clients more easily with:

  • Flexible bidding tools to help you manage your budget
  • Targeting that focuses only on those you want to influence, not those you do not
  • The ability to focus on the opportunities that matter

Ready to get started?

BrandGen.io is founded by HubSpot partners and designed with partner success in mind.

If you’re looking to achieve larger client budgets, expansion of additional solutions, sticky services for client retention, and streamlined opportunities for managed service retainers, BrandGen.io is for you.

Are you part of a HubSpot Partner Agency looking to bring strategic value to your clients through B2B advertising? Let’s get started.

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