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5 Reasons to Consider Video Advertising

5 Reasons to Consider Video Advertising

Why Video Advertising?

Video advertising has been on the rise for years, and for good reason! Video advertising is an effective way to reach customers online because more and more people are using online video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and others to watch videos (and video also catches more attention from scrollers on social platforms).

Video ads make up a huge chunk of the digital advertising industry, and they’re not likely to be going away anytime soon. If you want to expand your customer base and increase sales, it might be time to integrate video into your digital advertising strategy.

Video is one of the most effective methods of communicating with consumers, so if you’re not using it, you’re missing out on potential customers.

Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of video advertising.

1. Video Marketing is Easy To Digest

The biggest advantage of video advertising is that it is easy for consumers to absorb and enjoy, especially when a company’s message is entertaining. Most people would rather watch a video than read text, which makes video an approachable and effective way to connect with potential customers. While most people understand that our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, it’s still surprising how many businesses invest in a website with little or no visual content.

Because video content is so easy for your audience to understand and digest, they tend to stick around longer on the page where your video lives. When an audience sticks around longer, it will help you build loyalty with them over time. This is especially true if they enjoy the content that they're watching.

2. Video Marketing is Entertaining

There’s no doubt about it: videos are engaging. Video can be entertaining while delivering a message that users are willing to watch. It keeps them captivated and increases their likelihood of remembering the advertisement later.

According to this HubSpot blog, most marketers find that video engagement is their top metric (62%). This is followed closely by views or plays as a metric (61%). Entertaining content garners more engagement and better metrics for your company. Imagine all of the engagement and views you could be missing out on if you aren’t using video marketing in your digital strategy!


3. Video Marketing is Great for Social Media

Advertising on social media is a great way to reach your target audience, and video advertising can make a big difference. While text-based posts are absolutely essential for any social media strategy, video posts can help you boost engagement and increase your reach.

In addition, marketers who use video advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter enjoy higher engagement levels than those who don't use video.. Social media gives you access to your target audience and gives them a 1:1 experience with your brand. You get your ads to your audience, and your audience gets to view them in a way they find enjoyable, videos!

If you’re already using video in organic social posts or through other website content, these videos can be a great asset to use as an advertising inventory to pull clips from for future advertising needs. Building up your video library can truly bring ROI on time and resources in the long run.

4. Videos Can Serve As a "How-To"

Video advertising allows you to show how something works, which can make consumers more confident in your products or services and create a personable experience for prospects. Video can also be a great way to show before-and-after examples or transformations; this can help customers visualize how your product will meet their needs.

You may be thinking that it’s difficult to showcase how something works if you’re in an industry that’s not as “fun” in general, but with some creativity and personality, explainer videos can be effective in almost any industry.

5. Videos are Easy To Create

Video advertising is relatively easy to create. It is not as hard as you may think! Here are some ideas:

  • Create a video advertisement that tells a story of your customer's journey and how your product or service helped them achieve their business goals.
  • Use animation to explain how your product or service works, or how it can help your customer's business grow.
  • Create a video advertisement that features testimonial clips from current customers. This will help potential customers trust you more and feel comfortable when making a purchase from your website.

All you need is an idea and some resources. There is a large range of video production. It could be as basic as shooting and editing on a smartphone or as involved as outsourcing a full video production team. Plus, remember that you can recycle videos for multiple purposes to create a win-win.

Bonus: Video Marketing Gets You SEEN

A video content strategy can improve your ability to reach your ideal audiences and get them engaged. Video content can be a powerful tool for B2B marketing, but it's not always easy to know where to begin.

Tips to reach the right audience:

  • Your audience is an important consideration when you're creating any kind of content, but it's especially true for video.
  • You need to understand who your target audience is, what kinds of content they consume and how they consume it so you can create videos that will resonate with them.
  • You also need to know where they'll be watching your videos — some platforms are better suited for certain types of viewers than others.

When you’re seen, you get perks:

Increased visibility: Adding video to your website, social media channels, and advertising strategies can help you get more views. Video content also has the potential to rank highly in search results, making it an important part of any SEO strategy. You get the bonus of transcriptions from the videos. When videos are posted, the content can be transcribed into web content. The web content gives you that SEO boost and your content becomes more inclusive and accessible for all.

Better engagement: If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video must be worth millions. A well-done video can provide viewers with an engaging introduction that helps them understand who you are and what your company does.

Higher conversions: Video ads have been shown to lead to higher conversion rates — particularly when they're placed on landing pages with other content that speaks to the viewer's needs or concerns.

What steps can you take to implement more effective B2B marketing campaigns?

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